Priority Axis 2 - Regio Adrbi


Priority Axis 2

Improving the regional and local transportation infrastructure. It focuses on the rehabilitation and modernization of the county roads, urban streets as well as on the construction/rehabilitation of the beltways with county road status.

The key area of intervention 2.1. - Rehabilitation and modernization of county roads, urban streets -construction / rehabilitation of beltways included


  • Connecting the county roads to the national road and to the TEN (Trans-European transportation) network
  • Urban streets rehabilitation and modernization
  • Building and modernizing the beltways

Categories of eligible beneficiaries:

  • Local public administration authorities
  • Intra-Community Development Associations established in accordance with the provisions of Law 215 of 2001, with its subsequent amendments
  • Partnerships between the authorities of the local public administration

Eligible informative activities within the project:

- Rehabilitation and modernization of the county road network
- Rehabilitation and modernization of the urban streets (category 1, 2 and 3)
- Construction/rehabilitation/modernization of beltways with county road status
- Construction/modernization/rehabilitation of bridges and small bridges
- Construction/modernization/rehabilitation of roadways and walkways
- Land release and management
- Diverge of water, electricity, gas and sewerage, phone networks
- Facilities for the environmental protection
- Modernizing and extending the existing utility networks in the road structure (water, electricity, gas and sewerage, phones)

Approximate financial allocation for this Intervention Area of the Bucharest-Ilfov Region is of 77.68 million Euros.

The open projects call for the 2.1. key intervention area was launched on September, 10th 2007.